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Judith Shklar

This is Moral Cruelty: a Bloodless Violence That Hinges on Making Distrust Pervasive

A remarkable feature of “the neodemocratic condition” is its glorification — even reverence — of what Aishwary calls “fascist competence."

Hannah Arendt

We Are the Makers of Our Condition of Being Human

Right — the question of our rights — is at the heart of what it means to be human. But the question of rights is also implicated in the catastrophic experience of dispossession and statelessness that are central to the modern political condition.

James Baldwin

To Be Black is To Be At the Mercy of the Reflexes of Other People

Long before the child perceives the difference of his black body, and even longer before he understands it, Baldwin writes, he has begun to react to it, he has begun to be controlled by it.

B.R. Ambedkar

You Either Break the Rule or the Rule Breaks You

It is in the courage to break the rule and not in the complicity of obedience that democracy lives.

Judith Shklar

It is Not Important That We Know Where the Line Is

It is important that there be a line

Frantz Fanon

There is No Nonviolent Decolonisation

Before we deem the colonized to be violent, wrote Frantz Fanon, let us ask if they can breathe.

James Baldwin

Baldwin and the Wait for Meaning

The thinker whose voice Barack Obama found his own closest to.

Jacques Derrida

The New Theology of Infrastructure

The neodemocratic condition is not only partisanship. It is the weaponization of infrastructure.

M.L.K Jr

Where is the Moral Arc of Our Universe?

"It is not that human rights are not part of a truly formidable legal innovation. It is just that human rights take as their subject a disembodied, distant figure with no protections other than that guaranteed by the state that has already abandoned them," says Aishwary.

Hannah Arendt

The Right to Have Rights

The only thing that keeps us human is the company of other human beings.

Judith Shklar

The Liberalism of Our Fears

Property and propriety. Body and sex. Snobbery and civility. Inequality and violence. There is a name we give, sometimes without being fully aware of its depth and its reach, to this nexus: caste.

B.R. Ambedkar

Caste is the Law

India is, perhaps, the exemplary site of the human struggle with political freedom.

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